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Welcome to Tenfold. We’re an expert print management company working with some of the best businesses in the UK. To join them, call 0115 958 5791.

Why work with us?

For starters, we know good people. By working with a trusted network of printers, we can flex our buying power and get you exceptional quality at the best price. We also take care of all those time-draining account-handling tasks, like negotiating prices and chasing updates.

Print, managed.

With us, you get brilliant end results with none of the headache. We decide which of the printers in our network to approach, specify exactly what you need and when, negotiate the best price and keep a close eye on quality so you don’t have to.

With Tenfold and there is no flannel or wool-pulling. There is no need to sweat over late deliveries or worry about print quality. And with our commitment to delivering great value, there is no need to pay more than you should.

We make sure that every project is treated like our only project, irrespective of value or size. Looking after our clients and their work is our number one priority. We’re a quality driven company, with meticulous attention to detail.

From good old ink on paper to giant banners; branded lollipops to scratchcards; bespoke packaging to business cards, no matter what type of print you need, we can produce it, whether it’s big, small, tricky, easy, basic or bespoke.

Anything, printed.

The way we work means we can get anything printed, however big the print run or complex the job. And every job follows a strict process, so we (and you) can be completely confident in the end result. Finally, we’re nice, normal people. Our customers tell us we’re great to work with and, a few jobs down the line, we hope you’ll come to see us as an extension of your own team.

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